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not really
It took me a long time but i can say i'm officially out to all my friends not family though thats a diff story
ty :iconaztec-monkey: for putting up with the most bs. i probs wouldn't have came out if it wasn't for u

This is just my lil story if anyone's interested :
I've been openly gay to all my skype friends for some time now but i haven't been able to tell my rl friends
but at the same time i wasn't hiding it
everyone just assumed i was bi and if they didn't ask i didn't really tell
Actually when they did ask, i would say i was bi because i wasn't ready to say :iconscaredmingplz:

A few things actually did set me back too.
when i was a junior i did try to tell some people i was gay but just like everything else i choose the wrong people
the few i told were fine but one of them told me "no! you can't be gay u dated ______ and _______"
i also told my sister who i thought had my back but clearly not
she looked at me "don't tell me this" and walked away. 

So yeah these things really i think threw me back in the closet and i kept quiet bout it. 

I just want to say this time i decided to tell people who i've known for a long time and they were all very supportive and "oh i'm not surprised it was kinda obvious i just assumed"
Yeah it went pretty great (with some people being rlly surprised) and prior to this i didn't know any other lesbians i know a lot of gay guys but lesbians? naw that shit is like a fairy tail. Then i found out this girl a year younger than me was a lesbian. <- (middle of the semester)
There was also this one girl i knew freshman year who transfer out. But who knew she was a lesbian too .these two told me the same thing
"first time i met u my gaydar tingled i knew u was gay" LOL.

This yr for me has have a lot of ups and downs regarding this site and its people
lost a lot of people who i called friends for other reasons

thanks :iconryunk: who made that stupid joke when i first nervously came out to him - "OH HIGHFIVE I LIKE PUSSY TOO"

without my stupid art buddies who still on my ass today i probly be depressed cus i can't throw my rainbow at everyone

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Keep up the awesome work! ^_^
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xDD dww ill probly open them up again once i get the sketches sorted
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