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Where is my sauce?
United States
I go by ducky or w/e fuckshit you wanna call me on here

Currently a student working in a bubble tea shop for the summer
you're welcome to talk to me im a lonely duck


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edit : i found a older oc 9 by Duckcream

by :iconmoosefroos:


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1. I can sleep anywhere anytime. try me 
2. I'm the definition of a short person saying fight me n the other person be looking at a cute lil puppy that will kill
3. I love taro; it's the only i drink at work besides water
4. I love pancakes; if i were to open up a shop it be a pancake shop but it'll be pancakes from all over the worlds (oyster/seafood/scallion/blueberry) etc. (just like that cereal shop that has cereal from all over the world)
5. I really really really like stitch; i have a plushie of him..shower towel..laundry basket OuO
6. I indirectly broke the coffee machine at work the other day lol..
7. I been told i'm really evil when i talk bout what ima do with shitheads i don't like
8. I like to eat spicy food but i have low tolerance for it so i'll end up crying while eating n drinking lots of water
9. My nickname is tantrum because i'm actually a soft baby after all the hard core killer vibe
10. People assume i'm like 12..or someone's little brother when moving in to dorms

1. Do you own an iphone or android? Or no phone at all
2. A show that made/inspired you to start drawing/writing?
pokemon megaman naruto etc- and also the fact i transferred in to a new elementary school in fourth grade so it made it really difficult to make friends.
3. Can you show me your first OC (I wanna see that LMAO)
it mightve been a megaman oc bout i just show u the earliest one i have on my pc? WTF THIS IS MORE EMBARASSING THAN I THOUGHT. Idktitle by Duckcream i'm pretty sure i can find older ones in my sketch books but this is it for now o3o
4. Your fav OC that belongs to someone else?
5. What are some other sites you have an account on?
6. Do you have a favourite movie?
right now it's mad max but first thing that popped in mind was tarzan/lion king
7. What place you wanna visit for a trip or vacation? Name 3
Taiwan Israel and some place in Europe oh and Canada. LOL i'm usually an hour from the boarder but still havent been there
8. How are you feeling at this very moment?
hot and tired
9. Do you live alone?
ya; a fucking fish on my arm

I tag..
my questions :
1. if u you be anyone else who would u be?
2. what/whose art style influenced you?
3. do you love drawing backgrounds? if so indoors or outdoors? whynot??
4. What has been a challenge for you this year? be it personal or art w/e
5. If you could open up a shop what kind of shop would it be
6. what artwork are you most unhappy with?
7. How long do you spend on a commission?
8. What games do you like to play?
9. Tell us an about embarassing moment
10. Now tell us a time when you have to be a dickhead

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